1970s Mens PiKA

Original description: 1980 Mens PiKA - White Lightning (Shaun Lacey pushing) ahead of Beta - Echo (Joe Giansante pushing) possibly PhiKap (Streak?) in 3rd

Comments suggest late 70's


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  • McCue on 2009-May-17 18:43:29 McCue said

    This is an awesome picture.
  • DAConley on 2013-Oct-16 23:29:31 DAConley said

    This is not White Lightning...either Pithon or Stingray.
    Show it to Tom Wood...2 sec later you get the buggy mechanical details and the bios on the push team.
    Pika has enjoyed his walking, talking ecyclopedic knowledge of the sport as much as the rest of you. Value the knowledge!
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2013-Oct-16 23:57:02 Elmo Zoneball said

    That's not 1980. The photo is in the 1977 Buggy Book, so it is likely Race Day 1976.

    The PiKA pusher looks like Tom Binney.
  • Sam Swift on 2013-Oct-17 15:12:53 Sam Swift said

    I think it was labeled as 1980 because it came from a scan of the 1980 buggy book. The other similar images in the 1980's album say so explicitly. I'll move it
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2013-Oct-17 15:30:12 Elmo Zoneball said

    FWIW, it's in BOTH the 1977 and the 1980 Buggy Books.
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2013-Oct-17 20:56:03 Elmo Zoneball said


    I checked with Bob Russell, who is PiKA Buggy guy from the mid-70's, and he confirms that it is 1976 Finals, and that is Tom Binnie pushing Hill 5, and the buggy is Tiger Shark II.
  • alum on 2018-Apr-19 01:32:30 alum said

    3rd place in this photo was PhiKap, John Lewandowski pushing Hill 5.
  • Tom Wood on 2018-Apr-21 03:49:45 Tom Wood said

    Harry Southworth is the Beta Pusher
  • Harry South on 2019-Nov-30 20:20:17 Harry South said

    That is Harry South.

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