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A Data Scientist’s History of Buggy

I was very kindly invited to give a talk at Carnegie Mellon during the Buggy Showcase (aka Design Comp) portion of Spring Carnival. For the uninitiated, ‘Bug...

WOD Data: CrossFit Open 15.5

After five ‘suspenseful’ Thursday announcements, and five times laid out on the mat, we’ve got the 5th breakdown for the stats crowd.

WOD Data: CrossFit Open 15.4

15.4! Hand stand pushups and (pretty) heavy cleans. Did you have em? More people showed up this week with HSPUs than had muscle ups last week, but it was s...

WOD Data: CrossFit Open 15.3

I was so tired from those muscle ups it took me an extra couple of days to get this post up. In the mean time, we’ve had a new player enter the scene: Cross...

WOD Data: CrossFit Open 15.2

Last week’s post about 15.1 was a hit, so I’m back with 15.2 and it’s bigger and better. First off, we’ve got a treasure trove of new data. I collected all ...

WOD Data: CrossFit Open 15.1

note: some readers noticed that I had fewer athletes in my data than CrossFit was reporting. I originally collected the scores after score submissions close...

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